Poetry | Chris Tysh, Editor

In loving memory of Lyn Hejinian and Tyrone Williams

Susan Landers

Poet Susan Landers is the author of several collections, including Franklinstein (Roof Books, 2016), Covers (O Books, 2007), and 248 mgs., a panic picnic (O Books, 2003). Her forthcoming collection, Sweet, Impossible City: Meditations in a Submergency will be published by Roof Books in 2025. She lives in Brooklyn.

Ann Lauterbach

Ann Lauterbach’s eleventh poetry collection, Door, was published in March 2023. Recent essays are “Art of the Unbeautiful True” in Mina Loy: Strangeness is Inevitable (Princeton University Press 2023)  and “Topos Non Topos: Notes on David Novros” (Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, 2023). She lives in Germantown, New York.

Ron Silliman

At his physical on 9/11/2001, Ron Silliman registered at 5’7”, two inches shorter than he had been for over 35 years. He presumed this simply meant that everyone was crazy that dayas they certainly were—but those two inches never returned. He has other recent poetry forthcoming in R&R and The Minute Review. Actually the work in the latter is 50 years old, but that’s recent enough.

Martha Ronk

Martha Ronk has published 13 books of poetry, most recently A Place One Is (Omnidawn 2022) and A Myth of Ariadne, based on De Chirico’s paintings of Ariadne (Parlor Press 2022). Her work is included in North American Women Poets in the 21st Century: Beyond Lyric and Language, eds. Lisa Sewell and Kazim Ali (Wesleyan University Press, 2020). She lives in Los Angeles and spends several months on Humboldt Bay in Northern California.


BLUNT RESEARCH GROUP (BRG) is an anonymous collective of poets, scholars, and artists. Its poems and essays have been published in journals such as Chicago Review, Gulf Coast, and Fence, and in chapbooks from Noemi Press (Lost Privilege Company, 2016) and above/ground press (The Pig’s Valise, 2024). Their first book, The Work-Shy (2016, 2018), was published in the Poetry Series of Wesleyan University Press (a volume selected by Stephanie Burt in the Yale Review as one of the “Best First Books of Poetry” of 2016). Mike Davis has described the poetry of The Work-Shy as “an archaeology of humanity that should haunt us forever.

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