three fold

Populism, Pedro X. Molina. Copyright the artist.

Photo for Menjo’s advertisement, c. 1980s | Michael Conboy

issue no. five—winter 2022

On the cover: Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy, Tracey Moffatt, 35mm︎digital, 1990, courtesy of the artist © Tracey Moffatt and Women Make Movies.

Artist In Residence In Exile, Megan O’Connell, 2021

Doom and Glory in the Cass Corridor
Part two of a dossier on Detroit visual artist Cay Bahnmiller—dream diaries, Gilbert and Lila Silverman, Der Imker (the beekeeper), mail art, communiqués, a secret spy network, Structo-vision, photography, books, and a kaddish for Cay by Cary Loren

Three Fold Commissions: Ruqayyah Alzona Al-Baari, Jim Chatelain, Chris Riddell

Bringing Detroit by Ian John Solomon, Jay Orellana and Crystal Mioner
Ruminations on Beauty by Rochelle Marrett

My First Stroll Through Eternity by Stephen Paul Trimboli
Imaginary Dinner Party, Part Four: Possession by Lynn Crawford
Poetry by Alice Notley, Peter Gizzi, Quincy Troupe, Rachelle Rahmé, Maureen Owen
Fiction by Garrett Caples, Jose Padua, Robert Lopez

issue no. one—fall 2020

On the cover: Say Translation is Art (excerpt), Sawako Nakayasu
In Dedication: Meditation Device by Hannah Jones & Rebecca Mazzei

Maureen Taylor | drawing by Hannah Jones, 2020

What’s Been Done and What’s Been Won by Bob Ostertag with Maureen Taylor

Integral Whirls: A Dossier on Ephraim Asili by Greg de Cuir Jr

Making a Making: Jonathan Rajewski in Conversation with Bill Dilworth

Black Lives Matter? by Fred Williams

What is in a Name by Imani Mixon

Art, Ritual & Theory in Mandenka Historiography by Nubia Kai

Wild Gardening & Improvisation by Thollem

Heal Ourselves by Peter Sparling & Thollem

Hear That Snap: Joel Peterson in Conversation with Hakim Jami

The Orgasmic Space Poetry of Henry R. Lewis by Cary Loren

Malayeen by Leyya Tawil

Poetry by Laura Moriarty, John Sinclair, Khaled Mattawa, Sawako Nakayasu, Tyrone Williams

Fiction by Owólabi, Lynn Crawford

Founded in 2020, Three Fold is an independent quarterly based in Detroit that presents exploratory points of view on arts, culture, and society in addition to original works in various media, including visual art, literature, film and the performing arts. We solicit and commission contributions from artists, writers, and activists around the world. Three Fold is a publication of Trinosophes Projects, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.