Ridgeway Press

A Selected Bibliography

Thundershowers Rain on Me Supreme, by Jim Jarvi and Carl Aniel, 1974

The Martyr of Pig, by M.L. Liebler, 1974

Kitana-po, an anthology with Harriet Johnson, M.L. Liebler, Lawrence Pike, Donna M. Pici (Penner), Marilyn Basel, Carl Aniel, James E. Jarvi, cover art by Donna Pici, 1975

Knit Me a Pair of Your Shoes, fiction by John M. Marino and poetry by M.L. Liebler, cover art by Jeff Ensroth, 1976

Leonid, by Rob Coleman, 1976

Earthwalkers, an Anthology of Detroit Writers, with Phill Hylton, Jay McIntosh, M.L. Liebler, John Marino, David Burkhardt, Glenn Butkovich, Dorothy Skaggs, Norma Oberg, Neal Dascal, Donna Pici (Penner), cover art by Carole Sobocinski, 1979

Island From Fear & Critical Chairs, by Carl Aniel and Gregory Hallock, 1979

Ridgeway Press under  the direction of M.L. Liebler

Hideout Matinee, by Lawrence Pike, second edition, cover art by Antonio Alvarez, 1987

Unfinished Man in the Perfect Mirror, by M.L. Liebler, cover art by M.L. Liebler

Whispers Volume 1, by M.L. Liebler, cover art by Jeff Ensworth, 1985

Whispers Volume 2, by M.L. Liebler, cover art by Jeff Ensworth, 1986

To William S. Burroughs, by Edie Kerouac-Parker, 1987

Toward a “Ratio”nal Aesthetic, by Faruq Z. Bey, cover art by Faruq Z. Bey, 1989

The Hurt, by Jim Gustafson, 1989

The Violence of Potatoes, by Faye Kicknosway, 1989

“The Wayland Sessions” 2017-2020, by Robin Eichele, 2022

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