From Nondeath Diary

Laura Moriarty


    On the phone
    On the Beach12 Monkeys,
    ten narratives, 28 Days,
    trumps of disinformation,
    revenge is living well
    eating, preparing to
    do what it takes,
    each in our place,
    memorize the news,
    hate the president,
    disinfect the mail


    Drinking tea in person
    earlier this month
    observing now by way of
    our virtual tea an argument
    of towhee, starling and
    chestnut backed chickadee
    along with a possible
    tanager sighting by
    Columbine in her daily
    Mission Peak climb
    Birds seem nervous
    or it’s me, poking myself
    in the eye, cutting my finger,
    and burning my thumb
    on the same day
    completely unready
    we prepare emergency bags
    but don’t emerge


    Life in the tower
    of insights, debates,
    plans, and panics
    implacable as
    the days with
    their implications
    sad in the sun
    foolish in the rain
    helpful as it was
    to acknowledge this place,
    refuge, or situation
    sacred (as we thought)
    trying to keep from being
    bereft or broken
    breaking into song
    we desired ourselves
    as much as ever given
    how old we were,
    young we felt, and
    how alive


    The part to whole
    rhyme between
    beliefs and devices
    doesn’t help us
    know what to be
    or say plague-wise
    in this mere
    softly muttering
    air budded day
    of schemes, plots,
    supplies, numbers,
    uncertain outcomes,
    imagined life


    Book of viruses,
    book of the weather,
    book of being late,
    of getting old, of the
    flight of towhees
    in the trees or others
    mocking, while neighbors
    make birdlike sounds
    with gardening machines,
    imitating what was once
    real but is now lost
    in thought’s epiphany’s
    book of pandemics,
    book of the fall of Rome,
    or whatever else can go down,
    or of crows, ravens, jays and
    other Corvids. “Covid”
    reminds us of them
    as they, restlessly
    (in unchanged life)
    call out the night

Laura Moriarty, a poet based in California, is the author of numerous collections, including Personal Volcano (2019), Verne & Lemurian Objects (2017), The Fugitive Notebook (2014), Who That Divines (2014), A Tonalist (2010), A Semblance: Selected and New Poems, 1975–2007, and Rondeaux (1990).

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