Before, During and After
unreleased track, 2018

DJ and producer Manuel Gonzales first emerged in NSNT PRJCT (New School N1994 Techno), his collaboration with deep house producer Kyle Hall. The Detroit-based duo released Laygo My Faygo on Hall’s label Wild Oats in 2010. Since then, Gonzales has found his own voice. Resurfacing under the MGUN banner, he made a full debut on Wild Oats with the cavernous deconstruction of techno that was Harmnear and has subsequently struck alliances with some of the UK’s more interesting labels, including releasing his EP The Upstairs Apt on electronic artist Semtek’s esteemed house and techno label Don’t Be Afraid and The Near Future EP on artist and designer Will Bankhead’s London-based label The Trilogy Tapes. MGUN turns out twenty minutes of wayward sonics on The Near Future that build upon his growing reputation as much more than a one-dimensional house and techno producer. He calls Before, During and After “a timeline for life (before you’re born, the present, and the afterlife).”

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