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Media City Film Festival’s 25th Anniversary 
Our winter 2021 issue will be in partnership with Media City Film Festival’s 25th anniversary edition, presenting film and digital art from around the world. This virtual edition of the festival will take place February 8 through March 1, 2022 in full open access globally. Look for announcements beginning in November.

Media City Film Festival is a trailblazing international festival for film and digital art, presented in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan since 1994. Since its inception, the festival has received more than 50,000 entries from more than 120 different nations on five continents. The organization has hosted hundreds of visiting artists and filmmakers and engaged tens of thousands of audience members in public programs in Windsor-Detroit and internationally, including gallery exhibitions, film screenings, live performances, workshops, lectures, special artists’ editions, and other events with artists including Michael Snow, Carolee Schneemann, Alvin Lucier, Mati Diop, and hundreds more.

Media City Film Festival also facilitates film commissions, residencies, and fellowships year-round. It is the only organization in the world to regularly present artists’ film on both sides of an international border, and is recognized as a globally significant destination for the production and exhibition of artists’ cinema. 


issue no. three

On the cover: Photo by Kathryn Brackett Luchs, June 15, 2021

Three Fold Commissions: Katherine Yaochen Du, M. Saffell Gardner, Africanus Okokon
Disfluencies: A Dossier by Sky Hopinka

Plantocracy and Communism by Stefano Harney & Fred Moten

Super Natural by Imani Mixon

Catalog of Birds for Banjos: Joel Peterson in Conversation with Eugene Chadbourne

Imaginary Dinner Party: Part Two, Heal the People? by Lynn Crawford

Poetry by Ron Padgett, Rachel Levitsky, Kit Robinson, Michelle Naka Pierce, Will Alexander
Fiction by Wang Ping, Barbara Henning, Robert Glück

summer 2021

issue no. one

On the cover: Say Translation is Art (excerpt) by Sawako Nakayasu

What’s Been Done and What’s Been Won by Bob Ostertag with Maureen Taylor

Integral Whirls: A Dossier on Ephraim Asili by Greg de Cuir Jr.

Making a Making: Jonathan Rajewski in Conversation with Bill Dilworth
Black Lives Matter? by Fred Williams

What is in a Name by Imani Mixon

Art, Ritual & Theory in Mandenka Historiography by Nubia Kai

Wild Gardening & Improvisation by Thollem

Heal Ourselves by Peter Sparling & Thollem

Hear That Snap: Joel Peterson in Conversation with Hakim Jami

The Orgasmic Space Poetry of Henry R. Lewis by Cary Loren

Malayeen by Leyya Tawil

Poetry by Laura Moriarty, John Sinclair, Khaled Mattawa, Sawako Nakayasu, Tyrone Williams

Fiction by Owólabi, Lynn Crawford
Meditation Device by Rebecca Mazzei & Hannah Jones

winter 2020

Founded in 2020, Three Fold is an independent quarterly publication based in Detroit that is free and for the community. The journal presents exploratory points of view on arts, culture and society, in addition to original works in various media, including visual art, literature, film and music. We solicit and commission contributions from artists, activists and writers in the city, across the country, and overseas, seeking content that is germane to the interests of Detroiters.